Must-Have Overlanding Gear (And Fun Toys)

A list of the essential overlanding gear (and some fun stuff, too!)

Looking for the best overlanding gear to have more fun on the trail?

Whether you’re looking for the bare-minimum essential overland gear to get you out on the trail or you want to turn camping into glamping with things like battery-powered fridges and string lights, we’ve compiled all the coolest overlanding gear in one spot!

Here we go:

Must-Have Overlanding Gear
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    Must-Have Overlanding Gear Essentials

    Look — we all love having fun toys. It’s one of the best parts of camping! But no matter what your budget is, you can hit the road with just a few essential items.

    These are the must-haves if you’re going on an off-roading journey:

    1. Food and Water

    Food and water
    Image Credit: Dicks Sporting Goods

    Wherever you’re going, you gotta eat and drink! Obviously you need food and water – what I’m referring to here is the containers to put them in… and something to filter water should you find yourself stranded in the great outdoors longer than expected.

    Of course, you’ll also want a pot, pan, coffee maker, utensils, plates, etc… all the normal camp kitchen accessories you would bring camping.

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    2. Recovery Gear and First Aid

    Image Credit: Expedition Porta

    After your survival needs are met, the next most important thing to bring with you on all of your overlanding adventures are recovery gear and first aid items.

    The last thing you want is to get stuck or have a major injury (especially if you plan on rock crawling in your vehicle) miles from pavement with nothing to fix it!

    Also, while not specific to recovery equipment or first aid, these items are good to have in the field as well and didn’t warrant their own category:

    3. Communications Devices or Boosters

    Communications Devices or Boosters
    Image Credit: Overland Expo

    One of the worst things that could happen while overlanding or just by being in remote locations is having an emergency and not being able to contact anyone because you’re out of cell service. That’s why it’s important to take safety precautions with either a cell booster, satellite comms, or both.

    Check out XOverland’s guide to communications for more options, like HAM and CB radios.

    4. Camp Essentials

    Camp Essentials
    Image Credit: The Dyrt

    Once you’ve set up camp, you’ll need some campsite equipment to ensure a comfortable camping experience! These are the basics that I wouldn’t go camping without:

    Boujee Overland Gear You’ll Want to Have

    Enough of the essentials — let’s get to the fun stuff! Shopping for any adventure and you’ll want some of these cool gadgets to turn your off-road camping experience into a glamping experience!

    While some items can be a bit more pricey in this section, they are all sought after items that we’d highly recommend purchasing some of this gear. If you shop for these items around the holidays, you may get some discount codes, too!

    1. Cool Stuff For Your Rig

    Overland Rig Accessories
    Image Credit: Expedition Portal

    Let’s start with the most important part of your trip… your vehicle. Without a vehicle, you wouldn’t be able to go on an adventure!

    Check out bumpers and other accessories from Overlander.

    2. Tools You’ll Probably Want

    Overlanding Tool Kit
    Image Credit: Blue Ridge Overland Gear

    You never know when you might encounter a tree in your way that requires a chainsaw, or maybe you need to chop wood for a fire or fix a part on your vehicle. Whatever the need, these brand new tools will make your outdoor adventure easier!

    3. Camping Power & Electronics

    Camp Electronics and Solar
    Image Credit: Trail 4Runner

    The ultimate glamping overland experience isn’t complete without electricity! Here are our favorite electronics and the generator to power them:

    Check out our overland solar power guide to learn more about our setup and how you can create your own!


    That’s all we have for overland gear and vehicle equipment to make your next excursion into nature an absolute blast! Having the right gear can make or break an overlanding trip (especially if you’re traveling cross country).

    Do you have any overland essentials we missed on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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