3 Toyota Tacoma Overland Builds (& Parts Lists)

Toyota Tacoma Overland Build

The Toyota Tacoma is an extremely capable truck—it’s no wonder it’s considered one of the best overlanding vehicles, even straight from the factory.

But we can make it better.

If you want to turn your Taco into the ultimate overlanding rig, there’s no shortage of aftermarket mods and accessories to improve your truck’s ride quality, functionality, and off-road capabilities.

To help you decide how you want to improve your rig, here are three very different (and very awesome) Toyota Tacoma overland builds, with a list of all the mods they’re rocking:

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    1. The Ultimate Toyota Tacoma Overland Build: Atigun

    An orange and black overland Toyota Tacoma parked on a gravel road

    First up, we have what is truly one of the best Toyota Tacoma overlanding builds I’ve ever seen: Atigun. Atigun is a 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road with a 3.5L Atkinson Cycle V6 engine.

    Built by the team at XOverland; this thing is a monster of a truck. It utilizes the 3rd Gen Tacoma body with state-of-the-art features and technology to create a powerful overlanding vehicle.

    It’s got it some major modifications; roof racks, onboard air, high ground clearance, recovery gear, a new suspension system, and all the creature comforts you could want in an adventure rig. And it was build on a brand new truck with less than 10,000 miles.

    Here’s a visual overview they provided of their entire build:

    Atigun Toyota Tacoma overland build with all the parts labeled

    Here are all the links to the parts and modifications:


    • Camper System
      • Patriot Campers® Flat bed with ¾ PCOR® canopy system
    • Fridge
      • PCOR® Up Right Fridge on Driver’s Side of Canopy
    • Drive Train
    • Auxiliary Water
      • On board water in PCOR® Tray
    • Auxiliary Gas
      • Long Range Automotive Fuel Tank



    • Front Bumper
      • Custom CBI Aluminum Front Bumper with recovery line wrap hooks and wrap around fender bars
    • Rear Bumper
      • PCOR® rear tray with second winch mount


    • Truck Satellite Phone
      • Iridium Go. | Revolution Battery Lithium 160AH in PCOR® Canopy




    • Pressurized Compartments
    • LED Lighting Suite
    • REDARC® BMS1230
    • Spare Tire Holder
    • Rooftop Tent Compatible
    • Integrated Upright Fridge
    • Internal Storage Drawer
    • Central Locking Doors
    • Rear Tool Drawer
    • 70L Water Tank
    • Secondary Rear Winch Mount


    • Accessory Mounts
    • TRD Accessories
      • TRD PRO Tuned Exhaust, TRD PRO Grill
    • Tinted Windows
      • Tinted Windows | Bos Tint & Sound Bozeman, MT
    • Custom Vehicle Wrap
      • Vehicle Wrap | SCS Wraps in Bozeman, MT

    Video Walkaround

    2. The Budget-Friendly Tacoma Build: 2001 SR5 Double Cab

    a budget overland Tacoma build parked in a field with mountains in the background

    After looking at that last build, you might be stressing about how much all this overlanding gear is going to cost you. I don’t blame you—that’s a lot of beans!

    To round out this list, I wanted to share my favorite budget Tacoma overland build that was bought and modified for under $10,000!

    Built on a 2001 Mystic Gold Metallic Toyota Tacoma Double Cab with the optional SR5 and TRD off-road packages, this 1st gen Tacoma has seen more trails than most at a fraction of the cost.

    Most of the truck was stock in this photo (he’s since built his own flatbed camper on the back!)

    Shout out to Micah Weber (@overlandunderbudget) for sharing his build and prices. He also has tons of tutorials on everything from creating your own flatbed Tacoma to custom bumpers and bike racks and loads more on his YouTube channel—definitely give him a watch!

    While I couldn’t quite figure out everything in his build, here’s most of it:



    Video Walkaround

    3. The Weekend Warrior Tacoma Build: 2016 TRD Off-Road

    Last Line of Defense's 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma overland build

    Last but not least, we have a Tacoma overland vehicle that is made for the guy or gal who just wants a capable rig they can also use as their daily driver. It’s got some pricey upgrades, but not nearly as many as the Atigun build.

    This 3rd gen Tacoma overland build by Last Line of Defense is purpose-driven and meticulously thought-out. The base is a 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road A/T Short Bed with the Tech Package, custom wrapped to look even more badass.

    Parts & modifications include:


    • CBI Tacoma T3 Aluminum Front Bumper with mid loop
    • CBI Tacoma High Clearance Rear Bumper
    • CBI Flat sliders with kickout and top plate
    • CBI Full Aluminum Overland Skids (with exhaust reroute)








    Video Walkaround

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