2024 Electric Toyota Tacoma Truck: Everything We Know So Far

2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric Truck

If you’re a Toyota fan, you’ve probably heard that they are working on an all-electric pickup truck that is rumored to release in 2024.

Toyota has released some limited information about their all-electric vehicles, but not everything.

While we aren’t sure of the final specs yet, here’s everything we know about the 2024 Toyota Tacoma electric truck (so far):

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    When Will the Electric Tacoma Truck Be Officially Unveiled?

    Toyota recently announced plans for several all-electric vehicles after stating that they want every model of their vehicles to have a hybrid or electric option by 2025—starting with the bZ4X in 2023 which resembles an all-electric Rav4.

    While the exact release date is unknown, we’re looking forward to seeing a Toyota electric truck by the time the 2024 models are released.

    Toyota has kept most of the details surrounding the release of its electric truck under wraps, but we expect it to be released a year after its gas-powered counterpart. The next-gen Tacoma will be announced in 2023 which puts the release date of the anticipated Toyota Tacoma EV around Q3 2024.

    An early look at the Tacoma EV mockup in 2021 looked promising as far as exterior design goes—the electrified pickup truck appears to be nearly production-ready—but Toyota has been slow to join the automotive industry in the electric vehicle movement so far. We now know that Toyota has plans for at least 15 electric vehicles to hit the market by 2025, though currently, the automaker specializes only in hybrids.

    Toyota Bev Lineup

    Image Credit: Toyota

    What Will the Electric Toyota Tacoma Look Like?

    In 2024, the beloved TRD Pro might be overshadowed by the newly announced Trailhunter off-road trim. This is exciting news for overlanders, but it’s unclear if the Trailhunter trim will be available for the Tacoma EV. Keeping on trend with EV pickup trucks, the EV truck from Toyota does look as though it will be capable of off-road handling—concept photos feature rugged off-road tires on the fiberglass mockup.

    Electric Toyota Tacoma truck tires

    Image Credit: Toyota

    As far as interior space, we expect the EV truck to offer a four door, crew cab configuration and a short bed on the Toyota electric pickup truck.  

    The Tacoma EV also features a blocked-off grille, standard in electric vehicles for improved aerodynamics.

    While we’re anticipating the Toyota electric truck to follow styling cues from the Tacoma, it’s possible that the pickup truck may show resemblance in platform and specifications to the new Tundra as well.

    We don’t know for sure that Toyota’s EV pickup will be based on the Tacoma, but the current concept version looks very similar to it. The truck size, however, seems to be larger— somewhere in between a Tacoma and a Tundra. This is consistent with other electric trucks such as the Rivian 1RT and the Ford F-150 Lightning, both of which fall somewhere between a mid-size and full-size truck.

    Inside the truck, it’s safe to assume that the Tacoma electric will probably mirror its gas-powered relative, save for a few new features such as EV related menus and gauges on the dash.

    Electric Tacoma grille concept

    Image Credit: Toyota

    2024 Electric Toyota Tacoma Pricing & Trim Options

    The electric version of the 2024 Tacoma will likely have the same trim and color options as the gas powered pickup truck.

    Like we mentioned before, the newest trim to join the Toyota styling options—the Trailhunter off-road—might replace the TRD Pro model as the top pick among off-road enthusiasts.

    We can expect the starting price for the Toyota Tacoma EV to be comparable to the Ford F-150 Lightning—somewhere around the $50,000 range. Depending on the configurations Toyota plans to offer for the electric truck, we’ll probably see a price point around:

    • $50,000 for the Toyota Tacoma EV SR5.
    • $55,000 for the Toyota Tacoma EV TRD Off-Road.
    • $60,000 for the Toyota Tacoma EV Limited.

    What Else Do We Know?

    Our guess is that Toyota’s electric truck will feature a driving range of more than 200 miles per charge and the same towing capacity of the gas powered Tacoma.

    Some other potential new changes are coming to the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, regardless of powertrain. This could include coil spring rear suspension to replace the current leaf-spring suspension, a hybridized V-6 Tacoma, and new platform—the Toyota Next Generation Architecture (TNGA).

    We’re hopeful that Toyota will release more information regarding the upcoming Tacoma electric later this year. Read next: Are electric cars really better for the environment?

    While we await the release of the next generation of Toyota Tacomas and the Tacoma EV, check out our guides on the current gen of Tacomas:

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