The 9 Best Free Standing Hammock Sets in 2023

The 9 Best Free Standing Hammock Sets

There are few activities in this world as wonderful as lounging in a hammock.

But if you’re hanging out somewhere that doesn’t have trees to hang from, you’re SOL…

Unless you get a free standing hammock with a stand! Then you can take your hammock literally anywhere with flat ground.

I love hammocks and I’ve owned many over the years. Here’s my review of the best free standing hammock options available right now.

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    Best Quilted Fabric Hammock

    PNAEUT Double Hammock

    PNAEUT Double Hammock


    This quilted fabric hammock is easy to install without tools, gently wraps around you, comes with a nylon carrying bag, and fits up to two adults.


    • The cotton blended fabric hammock balances the excellent comfort and enjoys gravity-free relaxation
    • The durable steel stand, combined with a stable geometric structure, ensures sufficient load-bearing and beautiful design
    • A large number of slings can ensure safety, durability, and long-term comfort


    • Some have stated that the hammock starts to unravel after a few uses
    • Some have had issues getting the screws to stay in place on the hammock stand
    • Som have complained that they were missing pieces upon ordering this hammock

    Best Rope Hammock

    Caribbean Rope Hammock

    Free Standing Caribbean Rope Hammock


    This Caribbean rope hammock is hand-crafted and made from three ply twisted polyester rope with a soft, comfortable construction. It’s an icon of relaxation!


    • Skilled artisans hand weave the bed in close, even and balanced loops making this the most comfortable rope hammock on the market today
    • This hammock requires two suspension points, it is easy to hang indoors or out
    • Polyester cords are weather resistant


    • Spreader bar needs to be purchased separately
    • Some have complained that this rope hammock stretches too much
    • Some have stated that after a few months the ropes start to fray

    Best Brazilian Style Hammock

    Vivere Double Hammock

    Vivere Double Hammock


    This Brazilian style hammock is a best seller on Amazon (and one of Vivere’s best sellers to this day). It’s made with 100% cotton and is incredibly comfortable!


    • The double hammock is tightly woven with high quality cotton thread resulting in a heavy, durable fabric
    • The hammock stand is constructed of heavy duty steel and assembles in minutes without any tools
    • Easily adjustable hammock hooks allow you to decide how low or high you want to lay


    • Some have had issues with fraying
    • There are a few customers who have had this hammock start to tear after multiple uses
    • Some people have received damaged poles and were unable to put this hammock together (or to get a refund)

    Types of Free-Standing Hammocks & Which is Best for You

    Did you know that there are multiple types of hammocks you can choose from? In order to find a comfy hammock for you (and your family), we wanted to share the three you’re able to choose from.

    Quilted Fabric Hammock

    Quilted Fabric Hammock Free Standing

    A quilted hammock is made with two layers of polyester (or cotton fabric) and has a layer of fabric padding in between.

    Typically, these hammocks include a spreader bar that helps keep them lying flat while hanging on the stand. The weight limits vary with these hammocks, but most of the time, two adults are able to lay comfortably side by side.

    Quilted hammocks are oftentimes a great option for families with younger children as they don’t have gaps (or holes) on the surface of the hammock chair. Which is a huge pro as, sometimes, children and toddlers stick their hands and feet through these holes and can get hurt in the process!

    Brazilian Hammock

    Brazilian Hammock Free Standing

    Brazilian hammocks are made with thick, typically handwoven cotton. Because they don’t have a spreader bar, these hammocks are often gathered at the end.

    Brazilian hammocks are designed to support your weight in the middle and will typically be lower in the middle than other hammocks (unlike quilted hammocks that are able to stay relatively flat similar to a mattress).

    You can find these hammocks in bright colors and patterns (a popular pattern is the Boho style, as shown in the image above). Brazilian hammocks are made for two people and will hold you comfortably in a “cocoon” style.

    Rope Hammock

    rope hammock

    A rope hammock is the most basic styled hammock on the market that is both breathable and functional.

    These types of hammocks are the most traditional – they have a beachy look and can be made with off-white or colored rope. The rope is usually made with a soft, durable, comfortable cotton. With some models, you can even get a pad to put over the rope for extra cushioning!

    Or, you can feel the breeze blowing through the open weave pattern. This will help keep you cool in the summer, too! Depending on the type of rope hammock you get, it may or may not include a spreader bar to help keep the hammock flat.

    The 9 Best Free-Standing Hammocks

    Ready to find the best free standing hammock for you (and your family)? You’re in luck!

    Below you’ll find the nine best-rated hammocks on the market today.

    1. PNAEUT Double Hammock

    PNAEUT Double Hammock

    It’s no wonder why the PNAEUT Double Hammock is a top seller on Amazon – it’s one of the best free standing hammocks on the market today!

    Made with a thick, woven cotton/polyester blend, it’s weather resistant and extremely comfortable. With a stand that has a 450 pound weight capacity, two adults (or a few children) can sit comfortably on it!

    There are also multiple height options you can choose from! Overlanding has never been easier thanks to this hammock!

    2. Lazy Daze Double Cotton Hammock with Stand

    Lazy Daze Double Cotton Hammock with Stand

    If you’re after weather resistant free standing hammocks, look no further than the Lazy Daze Double Cotton Hammock with Stand! Set up takes less than 10 minutes and the adjustable hooks allow you to change the height of this model.

    The stand is made with a rust-free, zinc coated frame and is super durable. Equipped with a carrying case, this free standing hammock bed is one of the best hammocks to bring with you on a camping trip!

    3. ONCLOUD Upgraded Double Hammock with Stand

    ONCLOUD Upgraded Double Hammock with Stand

    Fully equipped with a 9-foot, heavy duty steel stand, a carrying case, and a matching pillow, this free standing hammock will quickly become your favorite cotton hammock on our list today!

    With a weight capacity of 350 pounds, two people are able to sit on this hammock comfortably. Not only that, there are six height options for you to choose from. Made from a cotton/polyester blend, this is a durable (and comfortable) hammock.

    There’s also a cup holder attached to the side of this model (what more could you want?!).

    4. Sunnydaze Quilted Fabric Hammock

    Sunnydaze Quilted Fabric Hammock

    This quilted fabric hammock made by Sunnydaze decor is made with a durable polyester material. Two people are able to relax in this hammock together and, with a weight capacity of 450 pounds, you could possibly fit two adults and one child on this hammock at the same time!

    Fully equipped with a spreader bar, the hammock falls flat (like a bed) and comes with a detachable pillow. You can purchase this hammock with or without a stand and you’re able to choose between a wooden or steel stand.

    Regardless of the model you choose, the hammock comes with chains and hooks for easy hanging! Sunnydaze decor crafted a beautiful hammock here!

    5. Caribbean Rope Hammock

    Free Standing Caribbean Rope Hammock

    Rope hammocks tend to get a bad rep mainly because of the open weave pattern (and the amount of times children and, let’s be honest, some adults have gotten hurt getting caught). However, we don’t think you should look past them!

    This Caribbean rope hammock is made from a continuous woven bed of three ply twisted polyester rope and is incredibly soft (and comfortable). The airflow provided from the woven pattern will help you combat the heat, too!

    You can hang this hammock around two trees or place it on a wooden or steel stand but note that you’ll have to purchase a stand separately!

    6. Vivere Double Hammock

    Vivere Double Hammock

    The Vivere Double Hammock is a Brazilian style hammock that’s perfect for lounging alone or with a friend). With multiple color patterns to choose from, you’ll be able to find something that fits your personality with ease!

    There are also three different fabrics to choose from:

    1. Cotton hammock
    2. Polyester hammock
    3. Weather resistant hammock

    If you’re not interested in the steel stand combo, you’re able to purchase the hammock by itself. All in all, this is a great hammock for your backyard (or camping trip).

    7. Best Choice Products Double Hammock with Stand

    Best Choice Products Double Hammock with Stand

    This Brazilian style hammock is able to be purchased with or without a stand. It comes with a carrying bag and it’s super easy to pack away for adventures.

    This is one of the longest hammocks on our list at just over 8 feet long and with a weight capacity of 450 pounds, it’s perfect for two people (and children)!

    With different colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that speaks to you! And, thanks to Best Choice Products caring about their customers (as well as their needs), you know this hammock is built to last and made with top-quality materials.  

    8. RedSwing Folding Portable Hammock with Stand

    RedSwing Folding Portable Hammock with Stand

    Don’t let the look of this hammock fool you – it’s not a cot! The RedSwing Folding Portable Hammock comes with a steel stand and features non-slip feet (meaning you could set it up on tile floors, if you choose to do so).

    With a detachable pillow, storage pockets, and a cup holder on the side, it’s no wonder why this is a best seller! If you need something else to sweeten the deal, this is one of the only free standing hammocks that come with a large mesh pocket below to store your belongings.

    When you’re ready to bring this with you on a camping trip, simply pack it into the carrying case and you’re ready to roll!

    9. ZENY Double Hammock with Stand

    ZENY Double Hammock with Stand

    The ZENY Double Hammock with Stand is a great hammock to end this list with. It’s reliable, made with a breathable cotton fabric, and is a very comfortable hammock bed.

    The steel stand is easy to set up and this hammock comes with a carrying bag so you can bring it with you on all of your adventures! Or, if you don’t want to keep this hammock out all year, you’re able to store it easily in the carry bag.

    With a weight limit of 330 pounds, you’re able to fit more than one person on this double hammock with ease.


    Here are some of the most asked questions when it comes to free standing hammocks:

    Are hammock stands worth it?

    To us (and many others), yes! Hammock stands are great to have.

    If you live in an urban area and don’t have access to trees in your yard, you really can’t have a conventional hammock. You’re able to place your hammock stand wherever you’d like in your yard (or on your back porch, even).

    What is the most comfortable type of hammock?

    Typically, cotton hammocks are known to be the softest hammocks on the market. They feel good on your skin and are very comfortable (not to mention, they last for a long time).

    Are metal or wood hammock stands better?

    Wooden hammock stands are pretty heavy, so we tend to stay away from them while traveling. Not to mention, the wood could warp and rot. However, it’s hard to argue that wooden hammock stands aren’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye (though we can’t recommend them for camping trips).

    Metal hammock stands are great, however some stands can be made from non-stainless steel metal which can rust easily. We’d recommend spending a few extra bucks to prevent this.

    Stainless steel stands are durable, sturdy, and can be collapsable. We’d recommend these (or aluminum stands) above the other two mentioned above.

    Can any hammock be used with a stand?

    While some hammock stands are designed to only support hammocks with spreader bars, there are some stands that are able to support hammocks without them!

    Can you leave a hammock stand outside?

    Of course! The only thing we’d recommend is that you bring your hammock stands inside during the cooler, winter months. This will help to keep your hammock stands in the best condition possible.

    We would recommend you treat metal stands with a rust protector or WD40 to prevent the metal from corroding over time, too.

    We hope this article helped you to find the best free standing hammock for you (and your family)! Do you have a hammock that you love that isn’t on this list? Be sure to leave a comment down below!

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