Best Toyota Tacoma Rear Bumpers (All Gens)

Best Toyota Tacoma Front Bumpers

Are you looking to upgrade your Toyota Tacoma rear bumper?

When my sister’s friend backed into my Taco in the driveway and smashed my bumper just a month after I bought the truck, I decided it was the perfect time to upgrade my rear bumper.

So I did a lot of research, talked to people at Overland expos, and went with a DIY weld-together MOVE Bumper.

But there are a lot of options—so let me share them with you.

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    Types of Rear Bumpers

    Before you can decide on an aftermarket bumper, you need to know your options.

    There are a lot of aftermarket Tacoma bumpers out there—regular, high clearance, and swing-out arm bumpers—or you could opt for bumper caps instead of changing out the whole bumper.

    Normal Rear Bumper

    If you’re in the market for a new bumper for aesthetic purposes, there are plenty of aftermarket rear bumpers out there to mod your Tacoma with. New bumpers are a great way to customize your rig and they’re relatively easy to install.

    Many aftermarket bumpers fit the same way an OEM one would and only require an hour or two to install.

    High Clearance Rear Bumper

    If you frequently off-road in your Tacoma, a high clearance bumper is a must for protecting the rear-end of your truck.

    Some high clearance Tacoma bumpers require cutting into the bedsides of your truck for installation, so they require a commitment, but they’re worth it—especially for an overlanding rig.

    Swing-Out Arm Rear Bumper

    A swing-out arm bumper is a rugged option for a new bumper that allows you to mount accessories and gear to the back of your rig.

    Changing out a stock rear bumper for a swing-out arm one is a bit more involved than just undoing a few bolts but if you’re willing to put in the work (and cut out part of your bedside), they can be a great option for overland enthusiasts.

    Bumper Caps

    Bumper caps are another option for changing the look of the back of your Tacoma without spending thousands on a whole new bumper.

    Many owners like this as an affordable option to cover a stock chrome bumper. Bumper caps can also be used to protect from damage, cover up existing damage, and match paint.

    While replacement bumpers can cost thousands, bumper caps will only set you back a couple hundred dollars.


    Image Source: Bumper Shellz

    Aluminum vs. Steel

    If you’ve decided that you want to switch out your Toyota Tacoma rear bumper for an aftermarket one, the next thing you have to decide is what material you want in a bumper—aluminum or steel.

    Both kinds of metals offer different benefits to your truck, but there are a few things to consider when choosing which is best for you.

    Steel bumpers are heavy—some can be up to three times heavier than a similar aluminum one. This makes them good if you’re looking for an aggressive look and unmatched strength, but you may need to make some sacrifices for a steel bumper.

    Though steel bumpers are super strong and cheaper than aluminum, you have to consider the weight capacity of your Tacoma. You may have to modify your shocks and leaf springs to handle it, your fuel economy may decrease, and you may have to cut back on the amount of gear you can carry with the extra weight from the bumper. Steel bumpers are also less rust-resistant than aluminum.

    Best Toyota Tacoma Rear Bumper

    Here are the best Tacoma aftermarket rear bumpers, with pros, cons, pricing, and more:

    1. Hi-Lite Overland Rear Bumper

    • Gens it Fits: 3rd gen (2016+)
    • Features: High clearance, compatible with factory tow hitch, great for off-road use
    • Weight: 30lbs.
    • Metal: Aluminum with steel mounts
    • Price: $1,679
    • Click here to view now

    First on this list is an ultra-light aluminum Tacoma rear bumper from Backwoods Adventure Mods. At just 30lbs, it’s one of the lightest aftermarket bumpers because of its mostly aluminum construction. The steel mounts make it stronger than just aluminum, giving it the benefits of both materials.

    The Hi-Lite Overland Rear Bumper also offers higher clearance than a stock bumper, is compatible with the existing tow hitch, and looks great with a black powder coat finish. All of this makes it a great option for overlanding rigs.

    2. C4 Fabrication Tacoma Overland Rear Bumper

    • Gens it Fits: 3rd gen (2016+)
    • Features: High clearance, integrated receiver hitch, LED license plate light, recessed backup light cutouts
    • Weight: 100lbs.
    • Metal: Steel
    • Price: $1,649
    • Click here to view now

    The C4 Fab Tacoma Overland Bumper is another great rear bumper for overland enthusiasts. It’s made from 3/16″ steel, has a low profile, and an integrated hitch offering maximum clearance.

    This one ships in bare metal from C4, so you’ll need to give it a durable powder coat to prevent rust, but this allows for some customization.

    3. ARB Summit Rear Bumper

    • Gens it Fits: 3rd gen (2016+)
    • Features: Direct fit, receiver hitch, integrated tow hitch
    • Weight: 170lbs.
    • Metal: Tubular steel frame
    • Price: $1,777
    • Click here to view now

    For 3rd generation Tacomas, ARB offers a tubular steel frame rear bumper. The material makes this one a bit heavier than some of the others mentioned in this list, but its sturdy design makes it super protective. It’s a direct fit—no cutting into your bedside—installs in an hour, includes an integrated tow hitch, and is ready for offroad use.

    4. 4 Wheel Parts Factory Tacoma Rear Bumper

    • Gens it Fits: 3rd gen (2016+)
    • Features: Swing-out arm base, compatible with tow package, direct fit
    • Weight: 107lbs. 
    • Metal: Steel
    • Price: $999.99
    • Click here to view now

    If you’re looking for a bumper at a lower price point, the Factory Tacoma Rear Bumper from 4 Wheel Parts is a great direct fit bumper. While it’s great on its own, this bumper also gives you the option to add swing-out arms to carry more stuff later on.

    With a durable black powder coating, provisions for all factory safety sensors, and integrated bottle openers on each corner, this bumper comes trail ready for 3rd generation Tacomas.

    5. Hi-Lite High Clearance Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper

    • Gens it Fits: 3rd gen (2016+)
    • Features: High clearance, dual swing-out arms, tire carrier
    • Weight: 190lbs.
    • Metal: Steel bumper with aluminum swing-out doors
    • Price: $3,550
    • Click here to view now

    Another great Tacoma bumper from Backwoods Adventure Mods is the Hi-Lite High Clearance Dual Swing-Out bumper. Similar in durable construction to their Overland model, this bumper is made from steel but with aluminum swing-out arms to offset some of the increased weight.

    Because of the robust configuration of this bumper, it does require bedside cuts to handle the weight and optimize performance. The extra effort required to install it is worth it though for the  ground clearance, tire carrier, and utility you get from this bumper.

    6. Coastal Offroad High Clearance 2nd Gen Tacoma Rear Bumper

    Coastal Offroad High Clearance 2nd Gen Tacoma Rear Bumper
    • Gens it Fits: 2nd gen (2005-2015)
    • Features: Optional swing-out arms, high clearance, optional receiver hitch, optional LED lights
    • Weight: Steel: 120lbs, Aluminum: 59lbs
    • Metal: Aluminum or Steel
    • Price: $678-$2,885
    • Click here to view now

    This 2nd gen Tacoma rear bumper from Coastal Offroad is super customizable. With this bumper, you have the option to choose the metal, how many (if any) swing-out arms you want, LED lights, and whether it includes a receiver hitch.

    The caveat to this is that you’ll need to be able to weld it yourself.

    You even get to choose how much you spend on this bumper—the most basic model comes in at a much lower price than other aftermarket bumpers—but the additional features have the potential to make this heavy duty bumper the next great modification to your overland rig.

    7. CBI Off-Road Tacoma High Clearance Swing-Out Arm Rear Bumper

    CBI Off-Road Tacoma High Clearance Swing-Out Arm Rear Bumper
    • Gens it Fits: 3rd gen (2016+)
    • Features: Swing-out arms, high clearance, tire carrier
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Metal: Steel
    • Price: $3,450
    • Click here to view now

    Next on the list is a heavy duty, swing-out rear bumper from CBI Off-Road. Compatible with 2016 and newer Tacoma models, this bumper features an optional powder coat finish, tire carrier, and offers an increased departure angle—perfect for offroad adventures.

    8. MOVE Classic Rear Bumper Kit

    MOVE Classic Rear Bumper Kit
    • Gens it Fits: All generations
    • Features: Weld together, customizable
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Metal: Steel
    • Price: Starting at $495
    • Click here to view now

    This weld together rear bumper kit option from MOVE Bumpers is similar to the one from Coastal Offroad—you have to be able to weld it yourself. It comes in shaped parts that you have to weld onto your rig.

    It’s affordable, super durable, and offers maximum protection for your rear end.

    This option isn’t for everyone, since you will have to be able to weld it yourself, but if you have the skills, it’s a great option for customizing your Tacoma.

    9. ‎OEDRO Rear Bumper Fit for Toyota Tacoma 2nd Gen

    ‎OEDRO Rear Bumper Fit for Toyota Tacoma 2nd Gen
    • Gens it Fits: 2nd gen (2005-2015)
    • Features: Direct fit, aggressive styling
    • Weight: 66lbs.
    • Metal: Alloy steel
    • Price: $429.99
    • Click here to view now

    Another affordable option for an aftermarket Tacoma rear bumper is this OEDRO 2nd gen one that you can get from Amazon.

    It’s a perfect fit for replacing your current bumper and has a rugged, textured look that makes it look more expensive than it is. At only 66lbs, it’s one of the lighter options for steel but it protects your rear-end and looks great.

    With so many different variations of materials, functions, and price points for aftermarket bumpers, switching out your Tacoma rear bumper is one of the best modifications to customize your truck.

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